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Rayhan's ICT Limited, founded in 2016, help people to build successful career by training. Our dynamic team offers golden opportunities for being campus ambassador. If you are a student with a passion for being leader.This is your chance to spread awareness on your campus with the tools and knowledge for career success.


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What will you get?


Networking with Corporate Leaders

Connect with bosses. Students get a chance to meet and chat with leaders. It's like making friends with the people who run the show.


Communication Session

Students join a special session to improve how they talk and share ideas. It's like a practice round to become great communicators.


Giving Their Marketing Skills

Students share what they know about making things popular. It's like being a mini-marketing expert and telling others our cool tricks.


Management Skills

Students pick up skills to manage things smoothly. It's like becoming a superhero manager who can handle any task with ease.


Teamwork Skills

Students discover how to work well with others. It's like playing on a sports team where everyone has a part to make the game awesome.


Extreme Relationship-Building Skills

Become friends with everyone. Students take their social skills to the next level. It's like creating super-strong bonds with people, making connections that last.

What will you do?


Feedback Collection

Campus ambassadors can gather feedback from students about the training programs and their experiences.


Promotional Activities

Encourage campus ambassadors to run promotional campaigns for our training center. This might include organizing workshops, webinars, or informational sessions to introduce students to our courses and services.


Social Media Promotion

Campus ambassadors will showcase our learning process to the general public through social media platforms. They can create engaging content, share success stories and highlight the benefits of our program.


Content Creation

Encourage ambassadors to create blog posts, videos, or other content that showcases the value of our training programs. This content can be shared on our website or social media channels.


Data Collection and Reporting

Campus ambassadors can help gather data on the effectiveness of various marketing strategies and report their findings to our company.


Organize Workshops and Seminars

Ambassadors can host workshops or seminars in educational institutions, where they discuss relevant topics and how our training center's programs can benefit students.


Collaborate with Educators

Ambassadors can collaborate with teachers and professors in schools and colleges to integrate our training programs into the curriculum or recommend them to students.


Market Research

Campus ambassadors can conduct surveys or interviews to understand the needs and preferences of students, which can help our company tailor its programs more effectively.


Monitoring and Reporting

Ambassadors can monitor the effectiveness of various marketing initiatives and report their findings to our marketing team, helping you refine your strategies.


Collaborate with Student Organizations

Engage with student clubs and organizations on campuses. Ambassadors can work with these groups to co-host events and activities.

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